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  1. CentOS Dojo Antwerp 2013 Report

    After LOADays 2013, we pulled of a successful first ever CentOS Dojo. We had the advantage that we colocated the CentOS Dojo just after LOADays, at the same venue, Don Bosco Leren en Werken, for which we thank Robert for the venue and lovely lunch.

    We had a good line-up ...

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  2. LOADays 2013 Report

    On the weekend of 6th and 7th of April 2013 we organized the fourth edition of LOADays. On Friday we got started with the setup of the network including the wireless, and making sure the venue was ready to receive people. We started on Friday with the speakers dinner going ...

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  3. FlossUK Spring Conference 2013

    So I went to the Spring Conference of the FlossUK held in Newcastle upon Tyne at the Thistle Hotel. Getting there by plane was easy as I was able to get a direct flight and then I could take the metro to opposite of the Newcastle Central metro station. The ...

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  4. CentOS Dojo Antwerp 2013 - 8/4/2013

    For those who haven't noticed it yet just after LOADays, the first ever CentOS Dojo will be held in Antwerp on Monday 8/4/2013.
    The idea came forth on FOSDEM this year, Karanbir asked how easy it would be to organize a small event around CentOS, I said ...

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  5. Cyanogenmod - Open Free Android system

    More than one and a half year ago, I decided to finally buy an Android phone. The chosing process was quite easy, HTC was just going to release the HTC Sensation, a dual core Android phone. I pre-ordered my phone at my usual supplier and waited, a little while after ...

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