CentOS Dojo Antwerp 2013 Report

On Tue 16 April 2013 - By Toshaan Bharvani

After LOADays 2013, we pulled of a successful first ever CentOS Dojo. We had the advantage that we colocated the CentOS Dojo just after LOADays, at the same venue, Don Bosco Leren en Werken, for which we thank Robert for the venue and lovely lunch.

We had a good line-up of speakers :

  • Roger Pau Monne : Xen on CentOS
  • Jan-Piet Mens : DNS Choices in CentOS
  • Jaime Melis : KVM from a OpenNebula view
  • Vincent Van Der Kussen : Introduction to oVirt
  • Geert Goossens : Spacewalk
  • Kris Buytaert : Deploying Software on CentOS
  • Karanbir Singh : YUM tricks
  • Toshaan Bharvani : Introduction to SElinux

The idea got started at FOSDEM this year, where Karanbir suggested we can easily organize a CentOS specific event, the rest is history. While we were a little late with the initial announcements and marketing was quite late and limited, we did get about 50 people, this is quite well as we only had planned to maximum allow 60 people. I think by the comments that people the event was a success, given that the next CentOS Dojo will take place soon and another 4 have been planned, the idea is very good.

As the venue and setup was the same for LOADays, we had breakfast at the venue, an open air lunch, specially made for the CentOS Dojo. We had two presentations, a break, the next two presentation, lunch, again two presentations and a break to close with the final two presentations. Then some lighting talks, to close with some CentOS related questions. Afterwards we went for dinner with the people whom were only leaving the next day back home.

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