FlossUK Spring Conference 2013

On Thu 28 March 2013 - By Toshaan Bharvani

So I went to the Spring Conference of the FlossUK held in Newcastle upon Tyne at the Thistle Hotel. Getting there by plane was easy as I was able to get a direct flight and then I could take the metro to opposite of the Newcastle Central metro station. The conference was good, the organization was well planned, the content and speakers were good. On the first day the tutorials were going on, I did not plan to go to any of the tutorials, however I went to the venue and got internet access. In the afternoon we, Dag, Jeroen and myself went for some hacking, later we were going for dinner and drinks with most of the people.

The next day the real conference started, I will go over some of the presentation The opening talk about the bad guys describes all those attacks, we all have seen originating from the most popular hacking countries. All and all nothing new here, we all have our ways to prevent these attackers, however it was still interesting. It gave me the knowledge that I am not the only one this happens to and looking at the statistics presented I did find common ground. One message I remember that I actually never thaught about before is that you have an average of about 45min after your system goes on the internet before you WILL get hacked.
JP spoke about Ansible, his introduction covered the basic setup and overview of ansible.
Simon Riggs spoke as usual about the new stuff in PostgreSQL and highlighted that not only does it do SQL it also does NoSQL and it can now read and write data to external sources. This would make the traditional relational object database into a mixed database.
JP spoke again, this time about his favourite subject, DNS, he went quickly over the different DNS servers and their features. I did learn many new thing and people, all by all a good conference.

The journey home started on the last evening, when people tried to warn me about 30cm of snow, and while I had read similar stuff on the internet, I did not take this too seriously. So the next morning I had some time before leaving and saw the city, it was very cold, but it was not snowing. I reached home safely and then saw on the new the snow, however this was more to the North.

Next year, the FlossUK Spring conference will be held in Brighton from 18/03/2013 till 20/03/2013. As for the next conference, do not forget LOADays on 6/4/2013 and 7/4/2013 and the CentOS Dojo on 8/4/2013.

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