LOADays 2013 Report

On Mon 15 April 2013 - By Toshaan Bharvani

On the weekend of 6th and 7th of April 2013 we organized the fourth edition of LOADays. On Friday we got started with the setup of the network including the wireless, and making sure the venue was ready to receive people. We started on Friday with the speakers dinner going till late night. The next morning the shuttle service of the speakers left from the hotel to the venue, where breakfast is served. I did a small introduction, just some service announcements. The real kickoff was the instrumental opening by Howard Chu on his violin. I think we should start a new trend and get a speaker to open LOADays with a small instrumental/musical start, I know W@uter will get his band and JP will play the bagpipes. We then actually started the conference with the first presentation and tutorial, look at the schedule for the exact events that occured. On Saturday evening we had our social event the Pizza Party, where Frans Peters from IT Partners displayed his cooking passion. After food there was a need for some drinks, so we decided to put all of Howard's benchmarking skills to the test. On Sunday we started directly with the presentations, while we had some speakers mia, everybody was on time for their presentations and everything went smooth. We had a sushi dinner for closing LOADays and for starting the first ever CentOS Dojo, more about that in my next blog post. We always talked about speakers gifts, however budget and timing never worked out, this year we did manage to get some speakers gifts, a Rasberry Pi for each speaker.

Here are some impressions of LOADays 2013, these are in random order and may have some or no bearing on the content or context.

  • Howard wrote Lightning Memory-Mapped Database, it REALLY is lighting fast
  • Howard Chu likes benchmarks, he even did one on Saturday night
  • JP can tweets for beer and he will get it
  • Paul can talk about bash for a long time, and it is very usefull and/or refreshing
  • Paul got excited when he got his Pi, really geeky happy
  • Justin can go on, he is like the duracel battery
  • Justin did some benchmarking of his own, the results were not so good
  • KB takes clouds seriously, he talks about raindrops and clouds, next year he'll be talking about the weather and climate
  • Cache is like time traveling, well more like time stagnation. Creating static results from dynamic data to be quick and stale
  • Frank has situational view, the industrialisation of IT overview and monitoring
  • Francesco broke Katello, well maybe not all of it
  • Beware of the pizza monster
  • Many new faces, bigger diversity of the crowd
  • We had visitors traveling for about 1200km for LOADays

I enjoyed LOADays and we hope you also did. Now lets start making LOADays 2014 happening, that would mark our 5th year. Keep in touch on the mailing list or on IRC FreeNode #load or follow us on twitter @loadays Next was the CentOS Dojo, more about that tomorrow.

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