My new blog using Pelican, a Python static blog generation tool

On Tue 05 February 2013 - By Toshaan Bharvani

After some time, I finally decided to start a new blog. For those that knew my old blog, it used a Wordpress engine with some custom front-end edits. As I did not want to burden my site with a database, I looked at some alternatives. What does a blog actually need or more specificly what do I need in a blog?

  • basic content : about, links, ...
  • blog posts
  • syntax highlighting
  • ability to write offline
  • no database
  • preferably python based

This means that I had to do some research on python based static blog generation tools. I looked through Google, Python PyPi and GitHub to start my search and discovered that there were many, too may to name. I had to chose between the projects, however there were two projects that I directly liked more than others : Wok and Pelican.
As you already know I chose Pelican, as I found it easier to package and easier to theme. I first moved my company website VanTosh to Pelican and after that we moved LOADays, a conference I help organise, also onto Pelican to generate a static website hosted by GitHub. Finally my own blog has followed and now uses Pelican, I haven't had the time to adjust all parts of my website, however they should follow in a few days.

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