Pelican 3.2.2 upgrade

On Thu 18 July 2013 - By Toshaan Bharvani

I actually upgraded my blog to Pelican 3.2 about a month ago and upgraded recently to 3.2.2, upgrading was not easy as Pelican changed a lot. Now the core actually does not contain the plugins any more and the core was refactored to build larger blogs quicker. While this is good, the main reason why this is relevant to blog about, is because I run CentOS 6 and Pelican 3.2 and higher now actually require Python 2.7 . So I had some choices to fix this problem, the only long term solution that seems manageable is to have Python 2.7 available on CentOS 6, also because over time there will be other python apps that will require me to have python2.7 . Thus I packaged python27 and all pelican dependecies, the packages themselves will be available soon in a repository with many other packages. So now I can continue to run Pelican without too much work. This is really relevant as for LOADays we want to continue to use Pelican and also for small sites, it beats a fully bloated CMS.

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